red lentil burgers

It's been too long, but I've been busy. Writing. Being a host to my friend. Church. Creating. Making decisions. Uni classes. Everything is going to be calmer soon, next week. Everything will hopefully go back to normal and I will stop obsessing, at least a little bit, and I will be back. 
In the meantime, some recent snacks. No meat, no sweets during Lent, so I'm figuring out new dishes and I've decided I could eat these burgers and sushi rice with egg omelette for the rest of my life. It's probably exaggerated, but I am happy with the decision for the moment.

lentil burgers

lentil patties
makes 4

200 g red lentils
1 egg
50 g breadcrumbs
salt & pepper
chili (optional)
oil for frying

cook the lentils according to package information, strain, let cool until no longer hot and steaming
add egg and breadcrumbs, mix well, season
fry on hot oil for 2-3 minutes on each side, until golden

to make 1 burger
1 lentil patty
1 bun
slice of favourite cheese (I used cheddar)

cut the bun in half and toast, put all the ingredients together to your liking, consume immediately


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