raspberry crumb bars

although i passes my last exam over a week ago, i haven't been feeling very holiday-like. summer-like maybe, with the hot and humid weather and thunderstorms every few days, but the feeling of freedom and calm rest is yet to come, and while i try to occupy myself with watching old nice movies and reading stories and volunteering, i end up just a bit too often laying on my new bed that takes half of my room, listening to old songs that vaguely remind me of some good, undefined things. 
so, music for today: paco de lucia - rio ancho

i was ordered by my family to make something raspberry, and preferably a cake, and crumb bars was the best thing i could think of. i make crumble a lot is summer, with all kind of fruit (but watermelon) and it gets eaten in a very short time. this time, something different though: we are having guests for a dinner and crumble would be too messy, i think, and individual crumble in ramekins would produce portions too big as there are other desserts planned. 

i was surprised at how lemon taste is pronounced in the crumble cake, but it was a nice surprise, giving the dessert a tangy fresh feeling. it is neither too sweet nor too sour - that would depend solely on raspberries. i would not add more sugar to the cake, but raspberries not very ripe would probably make the overall taste a bit less tempting.

lemony raspberry crumb bars recipe

3 cups whole wheat flour
½ cup white sugar
½ cup light brown sugar
zest of 1 lemon
½ tsp salt
½ tsp baking powder
220 g butter
2 tbsp milk / soymilk / buttermilk (optional)

3 cups raspberries
3 tbsp cornstarch/potato starch
3 tbsp sugar

combine all cake ingredients and mix with your hands (or stand mixer, but i never to that) just until crumbly (the 2 tbsp of liquid make the cake a bit softer and less crunchy)
prepare a pan – this makes one 20x30 cm cake – line with parchment paper or grease
put 2/3 of the cake into the pan and push with your hands until it is not loose anymore
mix all the filling ingredients and toss over the bottom of the cake, then spread the rest of crumbs evenly on the top
bake in 180C for about 40-45 minutes
cool before eating, otherwise it will get messy


  1. Gorgeous color! I love raspberries with lemon, the flavor(and the color!) is so bright :) I love that you used whole wheat flour too!

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