lemon madeleines

Let's not talk about Proust.

lemon madeleines

100 g butter
2 eggs
120 g sugar
120 g flour
½ tsp baking powder
zest of a lemon
juice of half a lemon

melt the butter, set aside to cool down
beat the eggs with sugar until fluffy and creamy-coloured
sift the flour with baking powder
add butter and flour alternately to the eggs, in 3 portions, mixing well after each addition
add the lemon zest and juice, mix well
fill madeleine pan pouring the batter to 2/3 of the pan’s height
bake for 10 min in 220C
cool for 15 minutes before getting them out of the pan

optional: dust with powdered sugar or dip in simple lemon glaze (powdered sugar + lemon juice)


  1. I love all these post about sweet treats. It's making my sweet tooth ache. I'm sending you something via post very soon. <3

  2. I made these last month for a project in my french class using the recipe from joy of baking. Theirs called for 3 eggs and unsalted butter that I recall at the moment. Only differences from their recipe is I used whole wheat flour and mixed the dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately by hand, then added the wet ingredients. They were a hit with my classmates, instructor, and family! Definitely going to try your variation!

    1. Whole wheat sounds like a great idea, I love it but it's hard to get it where I live, I assume it's add a little heaviness to the cake which might be quite good. I hope this version works for you, too :)

  3. I tried them last month for my grandmothers birthday. Everybody loved them.
    Since then I make them everytime I miss France. They smell like holiday at the Côte d'Armor :)