chocolate "fake ice cream"

Those of you who have been following me & who looked though my recipes probably know this: I love meringue in all possible ways and I use it all the time in different types of desserts. The thing that I want to show you today doesn't exactly quality as frozen meringue, like this one, because of the additional ingredients. It's certainly not ice cream either. So I just call it fake ice cream and that's as close as it gets.
Easy to scoop, soft straight from freezer, no ice cream machine required, strong chocolate flavor, feel light melting inside your mouth. I served the ice cream in small scoops with a tiny bit of chocolate sprinkles for texture and edible flowers, in tall aperitif glasses and they were a perfect elegant treat before the real dessert ;) 

chocolate „fake ice cream”

5 egg whites
200 g sugar
150 g chocolate
100 ml whipping cream

whip the egg whites with sugar in bain marie (like when making swiss meringue: instructions here) until stiff and glossy
melt the chocolate in bain marie
pour the melted chocolate into the egg whites, mixing constantly on low speed
whip the cream until stiff
fold the whipped cream in the meringue/chocolate mixture with a spatula
freeze for at least 6 hours
eat immediately after serving, no need to take it out of freezer early to let the “ice cream” soften - it melts pretty quickly


  1. Can you tell me what the edible flowers are? I've never seen them in the US and would love to look them up and plant them!

    1. These are quince :) If you plant a quince bush you'll have those lovely flowers as well as fruit you could use for making jam or maybe crumble cake or some homemade flavored liquor so it's really worth it!

  2. Wow!! I love chocolates..I can share every thing with my friends except chocolate:)I really love it.these flower also look so charming on it..Thanks for sharing

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