matcha madeleines

Everyone knows I love matcha. There are two little magical boxes sitting in my cupboard, surrounded by more and more tea, and teasing me every time I open the doors to make myself a cup. There is only a limited time one can resist temptation, hence the madeleines. They are subtle and delicate, matcha flavor pronounced but now overwhelming (as it can be for those not used to it perfect bitterness and dusty texture, I have learned by trying to introduce people to it with matcha bubble tea - not the greatest idea.) I substituted the original recipe's lemon juice with green tea brew - some liquid is necessary for the right consistency of the batter and the tea fits in perfectly, accentuating the green tea tones. Perfect served, of course, with a teapot of a sencha/matcha blend!

100 g butter
2 eggs
120 g sugar
120 g flour
½ tsp baking powder
30 ml brewed plain green tea
1 tbsp matcha

melt and cool down the butter
beat the eggs & sugar until fluffy and pale
add butter and flour sifted with baking powder alternately to the eggs, mix until smooth each addition
add matcha and the green tea
pour the batter into madeleine mould (i use silicone, if not butter and lightly flour it beforehand)
bake for 10 min in 220C
let cool down before removing from mould

optional: matcha glaze - combine icing sugar, a few drops of lime juice and a quarter tbsp matcha until smooth, drizzle over the cooled down madeleines


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