matcha crepes / blueberry / dulce de leche

I promised myself the next post wouldn't involve matcha... but I couldn't help it. I needed something simple and pleasurable to eat for today's brunch and somehow, all the ingredients were just there, begging to be combines. Frankly, they are all high on top of my favoruite foods, so it was an easy decision. The combination is more than perfect.

matcha crepes
(makes 8 of 18cm diameter)

100 g flour
200 ml milk
1 eggs
1 tbsp matcha powder
pinch of salt
rapeseed oil to fry

combine all ingredients in blender, mix until smooth
let the batter rest for two hours (the crepes won’t be rubbery)
use a non-stick frying pan (crepe pan is not necessary) – I had my ceramic 18cm diameter one – and make sure that the pan is very hot 
add just a few drops of oil each time, let it heat up for a moment, and half a ladle of batter , swirling the pan around quickly to help spread the batter into an even thick layer
fry about 45 seconds on each side
use hot or cold (remember to ensure the crepes don’t get left out for too long, they get dry quickly)

dulce de leche (use either store-bought, as I did, or homemade from condensed milk – just cook a non-opened tin of sweetened full fat condensed milk for 2hrs, all the time covered in water, then let cool down overnight and open when the can gets cold – ready to use!)
matcha powder

spread a thin layer of dulce de leche, make a single row of blueberries and roll the pancake around it to make a crepe wrap
dust with matcha powder
serve immediately (dulce de leche might get runny because of blueberry juice)


  1. This looks so good! Definitely making some as soon as possible.

    1. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did!