peach cream cake

peach cream cake

sponge cake 
(for 1 round 22cm / 9” cake, to be cut in 2 layers) 
4 eggs, separated 
1 cup flour 
2/3 cup sugar 
1 tbsp baking powder 

whip the egg whites with salt until foamy, then continue adding sugar in 3-4 portions and beat until stiff 
beat egg yolks with mixer (in small bowl would do) until pale and fluffy 
mix the two on low speed 
add flour sieved with baking powder and mix delicately with rubber spatula until there are no more flour lumps 
bake for 35-40 min in 180°C (i don’t preheat my oven when i bake sponge cakes, it helps the top to be more flat as the sides seem to raise more easily) 

whipped cream 
500 whipping cream 
4 tbsp powdered sugar 
2 tsp gelatin 
vanilla essence 

soak the gelatin in 2 tbsp milk 
whip the chilled cream (cooling the bowl in fridge for some minutes helps), when it is thick and fluffy add sugar and continue beating until it gets stiff – take care not to overbeat 
melt the gelatin in water bath and cool down until it’s lukewarm, add slowly to the whipped cream mixing on
high speed to prevent lumps from creating as it’s cold and the gelatin will settle 
add a splash of vanilla essence and mix until incorporated 

soaking mixture 
200 ml peach juice  
juice of 1 lemon 

mix everything until the sugar dissolves, leave to cool down 

a can of peaches
coconut flakes

slice the peaches into neat pieces
cut the cooled cake in 3 even layers 
soak each layer with mixture, be careful not to soak too much, but it must be rather moist so don’t be afraid!, then spread some whipped cream and place a layer of peach slices
make a nice pattern of peach on top of the cake, I filled the centre with a layer of coconut flakes for nice texture & colour


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