dipped mini meringues & tea party

It seems to have become a tradition that I host a tea party in the last days before Lent. This year it was a late Sunday afternoon tea with well over a dozen of my friends. As my time was limited - I had only a hay and a half to do all the preparing - I aimed for making simple things. No fancy entremets this time, sadly, but a few nice cakes and little bites instead. It was also a challenge to have that many people around in a household of two! (luckily I have a think for pretty tableware.) We had a lovely time and everyone was eager to take leftovers home so I wouldn't have to eat cake for a week as it did happen last time. 

The menu was:

milk chocolate & hazelnut-dipped mini meringues
matcha & rice krispies donuts
miso-glazed donut holes
mini blueberry jelly pots
matcha & rose cake
raspberry cake with goats cheese buttercream
chocolate cake with blackcurrant & dulce de leche
herb & lime ice cream
white chocolate orange fudge

cheese & crackers board

guava sparkling soda, chilled mint infusion, a selection of teas (15 kinds to choose from)

Love doing the set-up without anything ready, a lovely exercise for imagination!

dipped mini meringues
makes about 40

4 egg whites
200g caster sugar
200g milk chocolate
chopped nuts of choice (I used hazelnuts)

put the egg whites and sugar in a mixer, put on medium speed and mix it for 20 minutes, until stiff, smooth and thick
pipe into small meringues with a star-shaped tip
bake in 110C for 3 hours, leave to try inside the oven overnight

line baking trays with parchment 
melt the chocolate in bain marie
dip the meringues in chocolate and then nuts, place on baking trays and leave for two hours for the chocolate to set (ideally in a cool place but do not put in the fridge)


  1. Such a lovely tea party. Loved these dipped mini meringues. They look luscious. Want to have something like this delicious for my tea party at one of event venues Chicago. Everyone will surely love it. Thanks for amazing dessert ideas.

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