matcha mousse bombe

Look at this half-nice attempt at mirror glaze! Worked nice on one side, at least ;) This is what I get for working without proper equipment at hand. Alas. It was still terribly tasty, but then I do say that about everything with matcha in it... as everyone knows. This time: matcha sponge, strawberry mousse insert, matcha mousse, matcha glaze. Let me share the best part of this recipe with you, until I try again and find myself happy with my assembly skills.

matcha white chocolate mousse
150 ml milk
5 tsp matcha
120 g white chocolate
10 g sheet gelatine, bloomed in cool water
3 egg yolks
20 g sugar
350 ml whipping cream

dissolve the matcha in milk, simmer until hot - do not boil
add chocolate, stir until melted
add the gelatine, mix until dissolved, then cool to room temperature
whisk the yolks with sugar until it dissolves and the mixture is pale and fluffy
mix the yolks into the matcha milk
whip the cream to medium peaks, fold into the mixture
refrigerate for at least 4 hours 


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