seven layer cookies

i made these so-called seven layer cookies for my last italian class this year, as a kind of parting gift for my friends. they were a big success and i was happy to see everyone indulging. the other time for my presentation about typical italian sweets i made a few types of cookies and fried milk, also loved by everyone. 

those cookies (although it quite pains me to call them so, i would really insist to just call it cake or petites fours) are excellent, the recipes never fail. i have also been keeping a few pieces to see how long one can keep them – it has been nearly two weeks, stores in a container, and they are just as tasty as at the beginning, even if a tiny bit drier, but the change is not very noticeable. 

find the recipe here, at smittenkitchen

the only changes i made:
substitutes canned almond paste with homemade one, a simple blend of 2 portions of almonds to 1 portion of sugar ration + 1 egg white to make it hold, it turned out excellent
used homemade peach jam


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