8th birthday cake

This is an order cake I made for eight-year-old girl; her mother asked for a simplest cream cake with wafer tubes and mentioned the girl liked violet. There is a flower on the top of the cake, just the same colour as the bow. I got a word that the birthday guests (a dozen of second graders) loved the cake and asked for second and third helpings until there wasn't a crumb left. 


I'm just a few steps away from 100,000 words of my novel (39 k in one week; my previous high score was ~50 k in 10 days) and nearing a moment where the main character is taught baking as a kind of relaxing therapeutic pastime, and I can't wait to make him bake endless cookies and golden shortcake and chocolate heaven layer cakes, and I can only hope that he will be a fast learner, since the characters do not always listen to me. I have a week, seven days to wrap it up and this time I do intent to type the last word before Nov 31st, 23:59. And I know I will, and then there will be a celebration. With cakes.

& music for today, I haven't done that for too long: Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale 

the changes I made for this order:
 - cutting the cake in 3 layers
 - colouring the whipped cream inside violet, as a small surprise
 - decoration of violet sugar and shiny golden sugar balls


  1. I thought this was a beautiful presentation. I featured it on my Friday Five Birthday addition over @Feed Your Soul - http://chefpeterskitchen.blogspot.com/2013/03/friday-five-birthday-addition.html