panna cotta with peach mousse & writing

i have been rather busy lately and it’s a nice change. there’s been uni work and strange hours of my classes i had to get used to. spending time with family. more time spent volunteering than usually. most of all, i wanted to finish some projects i was working on before nanowrimo, and some of my little artsy things are finally done, even though i am left with one story waiting to be continued and colliding with my need to have a completely clear schedule for this year’s novel. luckily though i should have enough time to work on both at the same time.

i am sitting in my dark room now, my hair scented like chocolate from the shampoo, with a cup of raspberry tea and pumpkin bars waiting in the kitchen; i am at 6,000 words and some more to be written tonight, and i am happy that i can say i am enjoying myself more than ever. 

(even though it would be much nicer if it was warm, summer-like warm, so i made some panna cotta with peaches to remind me of the sweet sunlit hours.) 

panna cotta with peach mousse 
(4 portions) 

200 ml milk 
400 ml whipping cream 
2 tsp sugar 
vanilla essence 
gelatin, according to packaging 
1 ripe peach 

soak the gelatin in milk for a few minutes 
bring the cream with a splash of vanilla and sugar to boil, turn off the heat 
heat the milk with gelatin until the gelatin dissolves, stirring constantly helps, do not bring to boil 
mix the two liquids and pour into ramekins (the size i used, which is pretty common, is 150ml) 
let cool and put in a fridge for at least 4 hours 
before serving, prepare the mousse: simply peel the skin and blend the peach adding some sugar to taste if it’s not sweet enough 
pour some mousse over each serving, optimally decorate with mint leaves and mini choux fingers or another cookie of your choice


  1. That... looks... amazing! I will have to wait until my new blender arrives, though :-/ Might garnish with a zigzag of melted cocoa sauce, too.