easy chewy & crunchy cookies

Done with NaNoWriMo I buried myself straight away with another writing project and no, it’s none of the three papers I need to write for uni, it was supposed to be just a little fanfiction thing but it’s already getting out of hand. I should have expected that. I will very probably end up with twice as much as the initial 12-15k that I planned, but it’s too much fun to stop, and involves a lot of researching strange places of the internet. 

These cookies were a bit inspired by Momofuku, mostly their continuous use of commercial candy and unusual ingredients, of which cornflakes were easiest to get my hands on. The recipes is based on my all-time favourite (and infinitely adaptable, I will be posting some more versions sometime.) They are chewy and crunchy, especially good still warm from the oven, with the coconut candy soft and tongue-burning hot, and the cereal crisp. They are also super easy, and can be done with: one bowl, one big spoon and one cookie tray, if one is persistent and patient enough. 

For those few who read this : )

Once when he was taking a walk, leaving the house to Ruby, her friends and all the kids, with his head hurting to the point of making him feel nauseous, he spotted an antiquarian bookshop in one of the main streets; it was a small place, hidden between a clothes’ shop and a pizza delivery place, with dark wooden front and big doors and the front window blocked with stacks of books. He sneaked in without hesitation, hoping that inside it would be quieter and darker and would help him calm down, taking away the too many stimuli that were in the outside world, and he immediately feel in love with the place. 

It was a long room with a doorframe at the end, leading to another long room; with simple bookshelves that screamed of their age in long rows, filled with books from the top to the bottom, leaving hardly enough space for two people to walk between them. It smelled like dust and mold, like old place and heavy spicy incense, and it was dim, with all the sunlight blocked out and only yellowish aura radiating from various antique lamps breaking the darkness. At first glance, he didn’t see anyone, but then he noticed limbs sticking out from behind one of the shelves, and a moment later a middle aged man with curly greyish hair and all denim attire emerged and greeted him. 

‘Welcome’ the man said, his voice was low and loud and so warm, and Silver couldn’t help but smile with happiness of meeting someone genuinely using the world ‘welcome’. 

‘Good morning’ he replied, beaming slightly, and the man moved to behind a counter placed on left from the door, with albums full of old photographs and postcards making it almost impossible to see a person behind them. 

‘Are you looking for anything specific that I could help you with?’ 

‘Well, not really, but thank you’ Silver replied and the man’s face fell, so he added ‘I came in mostly by accident, haven’t noticed this place before. I’m visiting someone on the town. And the outside is so… overwhelming today’ he said truthfully, feeling like lying to the man would disappoint both of them, which was a strange thought. 

‘There are three more rooms, in the back – the lights are on. Feel free. I shall be here, in this room, in case someone comes.’ 

‘Do many people come here, sir?’ Silver asked curiously, looking around to take in all the details of the interior: the wooden, dark brown floor; paintings, real paintings on the ceiling, an old gramophone hidden between what looked like old encyclopedias. 

‘Not enough’ the man replied, sounding slightly amused with being called a sir.

easy chewy & crunchy cookies

200 g softened butter
300 g sugar
1 large egg
300 g flour
1 ½ tsp baking powder
¼ tbs salt
vanilla essence
~1 cup cornflakes
150 g mini coconut ball candy (the closest I found outside of Polish ‘draże’ is something like Dippin’ Candy; it could be also any kind of similar candy, milk flavoured should go well)

cream the butter with sugar until pale and fluffy
add the egg and a splash of vanilla essence; beat well
add the flour, baking powder and salt, mix with a spatula
mix in the cornflakes and candy
bake in 180C for 8-10 min


  1. hi what temperature are these baked at? and how long should they be baked for?

    1. I didn't realize the recipe got cut off, sorry, corrected now - the cookies are baked in 180C for about 8 to 10 minutes; you want the center to still feel a bit unbaked as it will be perfect when cooled.