easy chocolate cake with vanilla frosting

easy chocolate cake with vanilla frosting
(makes one 22 cm/9” cake)

250 ml milk
150 g dark chocolate
125 g soft butter
150 g sugar
2 eggs
320 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp soda
vanilla essence

vanilla meringue buttercream (made with 2 egg whites)
gingerbread cookies (to decorate)

bring the milk to boil, take off the stove and add chocolate, stirring until it melts; set aside and let it cool down to room temperature
cream the butter with sugar and a splash of vanilla essence, then add eggs – one at time – and beet in (the batter might look a bit ‘crumbly’ and uneven at this point, but it’s okay)
combine flour, baking powder and soda
add four and chocolate milk alternatively to the batter, in 4-5 portions, mixing well after each time
pour into a pan lined with baking paper
bake for 45-50 min (until toothpick comes out clean)
decorate with buttercream and gingerbread cookies when the cake has cooled down


  1. so simple and elegant, the addition of light brown sugar to chocolate cake transforms it so well !

  2. Those little ginger cookies are perfect for the season! Also, I really enjoyed that excerpt of your writing in that last post. Is it from one of your novels?
    kind regards!

    1. Thank you, I will be posting my favourite gingerbread cookies recipe later today, so have a look if you are interested : )
      I am very happy that you enjoyed the writing. It is from a novel I wrote this year for NaNoWriMo that I really hope to publish one day.