carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Hello, let me wish the obligatory happy New Year, everyone!

I don't actually care for the New Year much, besides it being a special . I spent Dec 31st like every other day; I went to library to get some uni work done, bough myself a late Christmas present a.k.a. good polarizing filter, walked around the town a bit; when I came back home we had nice dinner with my closest family, I packed for Paris and read stories all night. I don't believe much in resolutions, and this year they would just seem silly as I know there will be so many changes. Big big changes, bigger than ever in my life - the main one being moving out of the country - and I think it's enough to work towards making them happen. But I give you all my best wishes if you do plan to stick to your magical lists.

It was my sisters 23rd birthday on the way and I made her a layer cake out of carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting, since everyone seems to enjoy the classics. I don't have any photos of the cake, but I did find some of cupcakes made with the same recipes, so enjoy!

carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

1 carrot cake recipe from smittenkitchen
changes I make:
use 2 ¼ cup flour, 1 cup oil, skip nutmeg

300 g good quality cream cheese
5 tbsp powdered sugar
vanilla essence

make the frosting by mixing all the ingredients, preferably by hand and not electric mixer, decorate cooled cupcakes with it
for decoration: i usually use almond flakes and transparent crystal-like sprinkles, it looks elegant and nice together


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