cream egg

This is typical New York drink that I’ve been making only because of a story I’ve read. But I am very glad that I found this and have been drinking it a lot since I made a whole big bottle of chocolate syrup. It’s simple, fizzy and adorable.

The weather in Paris was gloomy and grey, but I figures it was perfect for my mood and wandering all alone through the streets for hours. I met some amazing people there. I wish I never had to come back. 

I will be really back after my exam time, at the beginning of February. I wrote too many boring papers and too many stories in between, as productive procrastination, and it’s about 30k in two weeks. Sounds like me. My back aches from sitting up eight hours straight and typing. 

Cream egg
(1 glass)

3 tsp chocolate syrup
100 ml cold milk
120 ml soda water

pour the syrup into a glass, add milk, mix until it’s chocolate milk-like
add soda water, stir and drink immediately


  1. This sounds delicious!...and your pictures and beautifully appetizing! :)

  2. Your Parisian holiday photos look fantastic! I am envious of you because right now I long to wonder the streets of a city similar to Paris. Also, this drink looks perfect for a cozy evening.

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