carrot fest

Colors of autumn on a plate - on a harsh grey paper - are one of my favorite things this month. Until this year we never had such a variety of carrots, only the regular orange ones were available, so this sudden rainbow colors of the root veggies stand was fascinating. 
The white one is sharp and bitter, a bit like turnip or horseradish or maybe kohlrabi. The yellow one is in-between, with an earthy undertone. The purple is surprisingly sweet, almost as if it were a fruit and not a vegetable. 
My favorite pairing was the purple one with cilantro cream cheese spread - one of the best snacks this whole year. But all of the combinations are good, you can't go wrong with the classics, right? Carrot and hummus, carrot and cream cheese, it's classic that everyone knows - and yet there is refreshing and fascinating newness to the wide selection and the visually appealing food that just begs to be eaten.
So please grab a healthy and amazing bite!

carrot fest ingredients:

carrots of four kinds: regular, white, yellow, purple
baguette (or any other kind of nice bread)
hummus (I had regular and tomato)
cream cheese (I mixed it with salt and chopper cilantro)
cheddar cheese sticks (I used Polish bursztyn)


  1. How do you get such perfect batons mine always end up looking like a warzone hospital!

    1. Let me tell you that I tried really hard and put more work into this than most people could imagine ;d

  2. Carrot is my favorite vegetable and snack.I love eating it therefore I found this carrot fest so tempting.I am going to make this anytime soon to satisfy my craving for some yummy carrot dish.