matcha swirly rings

This is not a sweet thing.
This is a pastry that has a sweet touch to it, despite the sugar, and melts in your mouth, but most of the flavor is brought by matcha and it’s tart and bitter and long-lasting. 
Most of the things I’ve made with matcha so far were cakes and mousses where it was incorporated into the cake batter or whipped cream or butter and while the flavor was still there, it was mild and subtle, spread evenly across the whole dish. Here, between the crunchy puff pastry and the gritty sugar, matcha is raw. It tastes like a herb, in a way, and it’s a strong flavor. It tastes bitter like a green tea you left brewing for too long and it leaves sandy feeling on your tongue and it’s amazing. It’s more sophisticated than delicate but it’s really worth trying so please do, if you feel up to an adventure. You won’t be disappointed.

makes about 15
1 sheet puff pastry (~250 grams)
2 tsp matcha powder
5 tbsp sugar + some more for sprinkling
2 tbsp butter

melt the butter with a tiny bit of water, add the sugar and mix until dissolved
add matcha powder, mix in
smear the puff pastry with the mixture, preferably using a brush, or pour it over the pastry and spread with a knife
cut 30 stripes (1 cut along the longer side of the cake and 15 along the shorter side)
take two stripes, push the dough together at the end so that it sticks and simply wrap one of the stripes around each other
stick the endings together and put on a baking tray
springle with sugar
bake for about 7 minutes in an oven preheated to 200C


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  2. This is definitely not something sweet.
    This is a baked good that has a sweet touch to it, regardless of the sugar, and melts in your mouth, yet the greater part of the flavor is brought by matcha and it's tart and severe and enduring.

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