new york cheesecake?

It was a cute one, for sure, but still left me unsatisfied.
I followed this recipe - you can always trust smitten kitchen! - but the result was not quite as creamy as I wished, a bit too dense. I simply had a different idea in my head. There was a cheesecake I used to have with half cream cheese, half double cream, if only I could find the recipe somewhere... And no graham crackers in this country, as always, note to self: make a batch for next time. I blame myself for the colour, too. Got too distracted with reading. 
Next time will be perfect. There always is the next time with cheesecake. 


  1. Yummy, why you didn't share the recipe here by the way when I free from website content writing service then I go to the recipe website and try this cake at my home ASAP.