seen, 2019

remember the times when we were not cold?
so many things started to make sense, all of sudden, and I thought it funny.
it was almost as if I could finally imagine -
- no, understand, what things could have been, were we born into the same universes. 
 i swear i did well, for a good while, at this "let's not think about what-ifs".
but when we were so close, with no ocean in-between, it was addictive:
the idea that there is a place where we can both belong alongside each other.
but then things went back to normal, and then, things became strange, like never before.
the distances seem to have shifted 
back to what they really are.
the dimensions of our universes, too
and they now fit back into our hands.
again you are as distant from me
as on the day when we were born.


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