the next time i went there, it was a marvelous early autumn, a perfect day of late indian summer. i left early like usually, to get the bus, but yet again i turned into that mysterious enchanting path and run all the way to his house. i did not meet him anywhere, but i reckoned he could be anywhere. the forest was an amazing canvas for shadows and strong light coming through crowns of trees, mist still in the air and rays cut beautifully thought it. i stopped a few times just to take deep slow breaths and stare, amazed by the dynamics of stillness and silence. i saw some spider webs spread between trees, huge and fragile, with drops of dew hanging lazily and moving delicately with every softest blow of the wind.
every time i halted i shook my head and whispered to myself silly, silly to break the magician’s spell and rushed, run, towards my destination.


but i was happiest all alone, whispering to myself. when i could i was walking the hills, leaving at sunrise and coming back at sunset, often soaked from the thick fog that made it impossible to see any views from the tops. there was no one up there but me and foresters, sometimes, and birds. i could hear birds all around – could recognize them by their songs easily – even though i couldn’t see them, they might have easily flown just above my head and i would not notice that, i would not notice the smudges of their bodies, i would not notice the tunnels their movement makes in the multitude of grey droplets hanging in the air.

there was a challenge between me and my dear friend, to write a short story. we decided on up-to-five-pages piece of writing, with words to use that each of us picked randomly from the neared book: sick and tea.
i ended up writing fourteen, without leading, and ended up with a beautiful wide smile, before saving the document and starting to work on my latin homework. it was half past midnight.
(earlier) i also ended up with making tea.

rooibos is the only tea i drink.

rooibos with lime, chilled. i later added some honey and it was much better, with sweetness to balance the tangy bitterness of the lime.


sunday bonus: bike challenge
i have a close relationship with my favourite amazing bike, alexander, i go out with him as much as possible. this week was beautiful, filled with sun and warmth and clear sky, so i managed to go cycling six days this week. today was rainy and gloomy, so i did not even get five km, and i was left restless and almost itching to sneak alex out despite the rain, but it was too cold to get wet. i try hard no to get sick, even with a cold, since i have a performance in a hospital next weekend and i need to be there, sound and ready.

to sum up, from the whole week:
160 km - fast (approx. 20-25 km/h)
25 km - slow/moderate (10-15 km/h)


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