prosecco cream cake

this recipe is old, i made the cake three years ago for the first time, a very special rich one to celebrate easter. it is heavy but remarkably creamy, with pronounced flavours and distinguishable tastes.  the cake it is called provençal in the book is used as a guide, a big polish cuisine of the most productive and rather underestimated polish food author, marek łebkowski (most of polish books from 80s and 90s are at least edited by him, if not written.)  there is no explanation of the name, but i would guess because the cake is remotely similar to macarons, an obvious specialty of france.

perfect for all buttercream lovers, it brings the simple element to a new level, making it elegant and worth sharing at a party.  the little detail of sprinkling the top with almond flakes gives a nice finishing touch. the time i took the photo i did not use the currant glaze, but i would strongly recommend doing so as it perfectly breaks the sweetness of the cake with sour tangy finish (my dad loves redcurrants, too, so he would not let me omit them)

prosecco cream cake recipe

250 g ground almonds
250 g powdered sugar
50 ml prosecco
5 egg whites
50 almond flakes

mix almonds with 150 g sugar.
beat egg whites to soft peaks, add remaining sugar and whip in bain marie for 5 minutes, until they become thick and stiff
delicately mix almonds, meringue and prosecco
prepare two 24 cm / 9,5” pans – line the bottoms with parchment
divide batter in two and fill the pans, sprinkle one cake with almond flakes
transfer to pre-heated to 160°C /320F, bake for 45 minutes (if the top gets too brown cover with aluminum foil)
let it cool down in the oven,  they will collapse a bit

250 g butter
5 egg yolks
130 g powdered sugar
20 g vanilla sugar / 1 tbsp vanilla extract
3 tsp instant coffee
50 ml prosecco

beat the yolks with sugars until light and fluffy
put into a bain marie and keep beating until the mixture thickens, cool down
cream the butter with coffee and egg yolks
white beating, add prosecco in three-four portions and mix until well incorporated

to finish:
100 g redcurant jelly

use the almond-less cake as a bottom, put the filling onto it and cover with the other cake
glaze the top with jelly and serve chilled


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