strawberry jelly. trains.

i am leaving home in an hour and travel across the sea and lands to england, to meet with my most beautiful friend there. i really have hope that our time will turn out to be incredible. so this little post is a goodbye, although i might update while away, but it is a small goodbye more for myself than anyone else. there are some thing i would rather leave behind.

i do not like store-bought jell-o or any of the packaged foods, even as simple as this dessert. all it takes is a good fruit juice or compote and gelatin, and a few hours of patience or foresight. my grandmother used to make jelly all the time, because there weren’t many sweets available and they were quite expensive, when i was a really small kid. i remember how grandmother always would always leave the jelly to settle on stone staircase in tiny hallway, because the stone was always cold to touch. it took longer than fridge, of course, but there was a certain kind of magic to that. with every minute you had to wait, you were more impatient and happy, but also the respect for food grew and it was all very lovely.

strawberry jelly

strawberry compote, sweetened to taste
gelatin, quantity according to the package 

bring the compote to boil and turn off the stove, mix in gelatin, cool down, pour into nice glasses or cups
chill for a few hours (4-5 usually) until it’s all completely settled
serve with fresh fruit (and whipped cream if you enjoy)


  1. Sounds like a much healthier way to enjoy an already healthy treat. Have a great time on your vacation!