meringue, upgraded

i think this little dish is the best thing you can find on the earth, really. (there are, of course, things like figs, pavlova with strawberries and mango, white chocolate matcha mousse or kogel mogel) the meringue is crunchy but soft, crispy but melting on your tongue, and dulce de leche is the epitome of sweet perfection. even the store-bought one, a good brand. dry and sticky, sweet and sweeter, it all comes down to some distant sugar madness. white and dark caramel. two elements that complement each other perfectly, and yet the perfection is achieved only when the fruit is added. i had over-ripe raspberries and it did the trick. peaches would do too, and of course strawberries, and any other berries. but it is raspberry time now, and it makes perfect sense. adds colour and third texture, moist and soft and adds a tangy remote sourness to the taste. trinity. it all makes sense, as if the three ingredients were made, were destined to become one. so easy to make that i could easily eat those little jewels every breakfast and every supper, and yet so elegant that prepared neatly, they would proudly shine on an elegant dinner. 

just – please, try.


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