cheesecake ice cream with peach & passionfruit swirl

cheesecake ice cream with peach & passionfruit swirl

250 g cream cheese
5 egg yolks
400 ml full-fat milk
250 g sugar

make custard: mix the yolks with sugar until pale and fluffy
bring milk to boil, pour over the eggs, stirring constantly, put back on the stove and cook until it starts to thicken
put the pan into a cold water to stop the cooking process and stir for a few moments
cool down
beat the cream cheese with a mixer for 1-2 minutes until nice and creamy, add the custard 2-3 tablespoons at time, making sure it’s well mixed after each addition & there are no lumps
chill in a fridge


1 peach
2 tbsp sugar
¼ cup water
1 tsp cornstarch
passionfruit juice (I used 1 tbsp concentrated Sunquick , 1-2 fresh fruits should do)

get rid of the skin & stone, cube the peach, put it into boiling water & cook for 5-8 minutes, until completely soft, then blend
add the sugar & wait until it dissolves
add cornstarch mixed with 2 tbsp of water, mix energetically (to prevent lumps) until thick
add passionfruit juice & cool down
pour with a spoon over the chilled ice cream base & make a swirl running a toothpick in through the ice cream
put in freezer for 6-8 hours

the ice cream is soft enough to scoop after freezing, just put your scoop into hot water for a moment before using it


  1. These look adorable- I love passionfruit and cheesecake, so sign me up.

  2. This ice cream looks delicious, and with my love for peach & passionfruit swirl, I think I'm going to make myself one.