pag, croatia

{the next 7 photos are form one time me & sis woke up at 6 and went into the town to capture the soft light and dusty sunrise pinks & beiges}

{say hello to the lovely bruise on my arm}

{walking past this internet cafe made me feel as if I was time travelling}

{the church from 14th century; all in stone}

{town port, the best place to sit down and eat ice cream in the evenings}

{this is the kind of backyard I'd love to have}

{while we were waiting for out food to be finished we sat on a small stone wall and stared at the perfectly matching sea & sky; the bare hills are how most of the island looks like}

{Zadar; for some reason this reminded me of beautiful thing movie and that's a nice association}

{real Italian gelato: pistacchio & mirtillo}

{the ship above is just about to pass next to sea organ that you see me walking above in the next one}

{Zadar cityscape above; fruit & vegetable market & fish market below; they are beautifully scenic and full of most delicious foods that I always miss here in Poland}

{out favorite beach, the only sandy one nearby}

{pasta frutti di mare, I'll have recipe for you in a few days :)}

{this is how Pag welcomes visitors: first sight from island to mainland bridge}

{town beach; even more blue}

{mini road trip to Lun: some of the oldest & wildest olive trees in the Mediterranean, there are 80 000 trees in total; the nest two: going back home at twilight}

{I have never noticed the color of the hills at sunset - we never had a direst view of them; pinky orange and very surreal}

{so a few days later I ventured up there and didn't realize I was walking among the colors myself until I looked at the photos back down in the town; it was absolutely breathtaking, going through cedar woods, climbing up hills and then wandering at the top to find a nicest spot for photos; I left my sister near the cedar trees, waiting half an hour, and I was so alone, running across the rocky hills, no noises but the wind and my heavy breathes; it was the best half an hour I've had in years}

{I've been there eight times and every time I come back it feels more like home than here does and I ache to be back to the salty winds and space everywhere you turns around and white stone towns; this time I knew it was the last one and it was as beautiful as I dreamed it would be and I'm unspeakably grateful for that}


  1. This looks absolutely magical!

    1. Thank you. It did feel like in a different world :)

  2. I love your pictures of pag, I was there a year or so ago on a press trip.
    This is a great foodie desination (cheeses, lamb,honey infused with sage, seafood and of course their wines!
    The vistas do make it seem like another world, especially the ancient forest of Lun (which made me think of Gethsemane).
    When I came back to the UK I was torn about keeping the secret of Pag, just a little longer.

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