chocolate pizza

This post was brought here by my curious readers who were interested in learning what exactly that chocolate pizza I mentioned was :) It is indeed one of the best remedies for all problems and bad mood, eating a chocolate pizza makes you feel as if you were in one of those tales you used to read when you were a kid, innocent and peaceful and filled with sweets. While most adults eat "normal" things for dinner and don't feel like their life depends on comfort food, I never stop myself from such a simple indulgence. If it makes me happy, and it does. The crust isn't very sweet so it balances the chocolate's flavor perfectly, and adding fruit instead of more candy helps, too, if you're not feeling too much like a kid :)

chocolate pizza

250 g flour
2 tbsp sugar
25 g fresh yeast / ½ packet dry yeast
1 tbsp oil 150 ml lukewarm water

mix the yeast with sugar and 2 tbsp of water, wait until yeast is dissolved
add the rest of the water and flour, mix until it forms a loose ball, dump onto a floured surface
knead for 5 minutes (add flour if needed, during summer & in warmer and more humid climate you might need a bit more flour)
let the dough rise for about an hour
dump onto a floured surface again, punch it and then form a ball and roll to ½ cm/1/4” thickness, if you want a perfect round shape you might consider cutting out the dough with a big (27 cm/11”) round baking pan 
bake in an oven preheated to 190C for 15 minutes

chocolate icing

100 g chocolate
50 g butter
50 g sugar
1 tbsp water

melt the butter in a small pan, add water and sugar and boil, stirring, until the sugar is dissolved
take off the stove and add roughly chopped chocolate, mix until the glaze is smooth
use while hot/warm

you can either decorate while the crust is warm or cooled down
top with some kind of a chocolate spread (just chocolate, nutella, I used chocolate icing) and your favorite sweet toppings (chocolate chips, m&m's, crushed oreos, fruit slices - babanas & strawberries would be perfect - etc.)
for toasted marshmallows, put them onto the pizza and put it into an oven, top shelf, preferably with top heat/grill, and set the highest temperature, while the oven heats up, the marshmallows will get toasted in 1-2 minutes – be careful not to burn them!


  1. This looks amazing! Great idea for a girls slumber party! or an afternoon snack for me!