acacia ice cream

and a marvelous compilation: tiny subtle acacia ice cream wafer sandwich

creamy acacia ice cream 

10 egg yolks
400 ml whipping cream
300 ml milk
200 g sugar
about a bag of acacia flowers

clean the acacia flowers of leaves and clean of bugs, in case there are any – do not rinse!
put the flowers into a big pot and pour the cream and milk over it, the acacia should be nearly all covered
bring to boil, let it simmer for 5 minutes and leave, covered, to cool down
once cooled, take out the flowers and squeeze as much liquid of them as possible, pour into another pan through a fine sieve
bring to boil again
mix egg yolks with sugar until pale and fluffy
slowly add boiling liquid, like when making a regular custard – take care not to let the eggs scramble, when custard thickens immediately put the pan into a bigger one with cold water / ice to stop the cooking process
once cooled down, it’s ready to freeze – either with an ice cream machine or just pouring it into a airtight container and mixing every now and then


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