homemade sugar icing flowers

homemade sugar icing flowers

powdered sugar
egg white
food colourings
little pearls / sprinkles

prepare a very very thick icing with egg white and as much sugar as needed (a lot, probably) and colour according to your wishes
pipe onto parchment with a star tip of the size of your choice
put a pearl / a few sprinkles in the middle of the flower
let them dry for a few days, then store in an air-tight container - can be stored for a long time, the longest i did was a year and they were all right


  1. I've been wondering what to do with my egg whites for a while, and this seems perfect. Bookmarked, and looking forward to the next time I have egg whites left over - thanks!

  2. At last...a recipe for leftover egg whites that isn't a "healthy"
    omelet. Thank you.