perfect ice cream

dulce de leche ice cream  recipe

300 ml sour cream
300 ml vanilla soy milk
6 egg yolks
50 g brown / muscovado sugar
400 g dulce de leche (approx. 1 can)

prepare custard of egg yolks, sugar, cream and soy milk, cool it down
slowly add the custard to dulce de leche, mixing constantly, to avoid lumps from creating
freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions, but it freezes well without churning as it is very rich


  1. This looks lovely! How would you suggest creating it without an ice cream machine?

    1. It should be enough to put in into an airtight container and whisking with a spoon/fork ever half an hour until it reaches the right frozen consistency. The custard is very rich so it should be a problem, the ice cream should still be creamy and smooth : )

  2. This looks lovely! Yummm...