spring vege sandwich

i don’t eat sandwiches so often, preferring yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, vegetables or sweets as a snack and salads for supper. when i saw those nice buns with sunflower seeds, i immediately knew what to do. the result turned out to excellent, so i would very much recommend this fresh spring combo of cheese and vegetables.

spring vege sandwich

1 (fancy) bun
cream cheese
mild cheddar or similar cheese (i used polish bursztyn)

cut the bun in two and assemble the inside to your liking : )


  1. kennistonMay 07, 2012

    Oh, wow! I just stumbled across your blog on tastespotting. So beautiful! I also love your heading and the name of your blog. God bless you and encourage you!

  2. This was slightly misleading because anchovies are fish, and this was labeled on Foodgawker as a vegetarian sandwich...fish is not considered vegetarian.

  3. Yes, the vegetarian tag needs to be removed immediately, disgraceful