double frozen meringue

you might have realized i love meringue in all possible ways. this is the easiest frozen dessert ever: just toss a container filled with meringue into freezer, wait a few hours, and it's ready. i added some crushed meringue to get a double version, but it would be great with some nuts, fruit (maybe alcohol-soaked for adults), chocolate chip, sprinkles, anything you like. easily adaptable with spices, essences and perfect to turn into colorful treat for kids. 

double frozen meringue 

i use either this french meringue recipe or swiss meringue recipe
prepare the meringue up to the point of baking but do not bake (cool down if making the swiss, and make just the meringue without adding butter) and freeze for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight for best texture.


  1. I also love meringue! And I love ice cream so this is perfect!! lol
    I have a blog that is devoted to homemade ice cream! I think you would appreciate it

    Thanks for sharing!