caramel sauce

simple and yet most amazing snack idea: sesame sticks with homemade caramel sauce. or just caramel sauce. 

caramel sauce

1 cup sugar
½ cup water
100 g butter
120 ml cream
1 tbsp vanilla extract
¼ tsp fleur de sel

put the sugar and water in a heavy bottom pan on a low heat and make caramel: wait until the sugar dissolves and the liquid turns into brilliant amber shade – do not stir
add butter, the caramel might harden but it will dissolve, the mixture is bubbly and hot so watch out
add cream, vanilla and salt and cook until the sauce reach a desired consistency: check by dropping a bit of sauce onto a cool plate and waiting a few moments before it cools down (i prefer my sauce thick)
store in a sterilized jar – up to two weeks in a fridge


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