mini burgers

i made these mini burgers with buns made with leftover pizza dough from yesterday's dinner and leftover anchovy & parsley calamari stuffing, my favorite kind. it reminds me of each time my family made stuffed seafood on holidays by croatian seaside. the patties are tender and soft, with perfect salty hint of anchovies, balanced by the soft and neutral bun. the cheese i used was italian raw sheep milk one, unfortunately i do not remember its name. 

mini burgers

burger buns
i made these particular buns with jamie oliver’s pizza dough ( i had leftover from a dinner

anchovy & parsley patties
(makes 5 big ones or 15 mini ones)

1 bunch of chopped parsley (2-3 handfuls)
13-15 anchovies
1 big dry bun / 2 small dry buns
3 tbsp  breadcrumbs
2 eggs
salt, pepper

soak the dry bun in cold water, the squeeze the liquid out
chop the anchovies in small pieces, combine with parsley, buns, breadcrumbs, eggs and mix thoroughly with your hands
with wet hands form patties
heat the oil and fry the patties for 2-3 minutes on each side

1 bun
1 patty
basil leaves
sliced cheese 

toast the bun
put the burger together to your liking and finish with a toothpick in the middle so it doesn’t fall apart
serve immediately, preferably with a nice salad


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