gourmet sandwich

there i san ongoing search for the ultimate sandwich, and i realize i do not eat the fancy kind often enough. usually i end up with something simple, and more often i do not even eat sandwiches, and every time i end up in a nice cafĂ© in front of an appetizing, colourful sandwich i ask myself why don’t i make those at home.

this open-faced sandwich is perfect while hosting guests, it takes a short time to prepare and isn’t messy while eating, yet looks compelling with the differencing colours and textures. i do not often use chicken breast as it is hard to get free range chicken breasts and i prefer not to buy meat from an unknown source. nevertheless, whenever i can i do prepare chicken sandwiches as the meat is easy to pair with other interesting ingredients. here i use my favourite cheese of all, pecorino toscano, but any hard sheep’s milk cheese of mild taste would do. the addition of my new favourite – cassis mustard – makes the taste unusual and refined. and the combination with anochvies and meat is one of my favourite in all possible versions. the bread used for the sandwich should preferably be rye, the dense and moist kind. altogether the food is easy to prepare and really worth giving a try.

gourmet sandwich

rye bread
sliced cooked chicken breast
basil leaves
cassis mustard
grated pecorino cheese

cutting a nice shape out of bread and arranging the toppings to look interesting, with contrasting colours and textures makes this little sandwich perfect for an elegant snack 


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