brownie with sour cherries

brownie with sour cherries recipe

500 g sour cherries
200 g butter (i used margarine)
200 g chocolate (i used 52% cocoa solids)
200 g sugar
4 eggs
180 g flour + more for cherry coating
1 tsp baking power

pit the cherries and set aside on a colander to get rid of the excessive juice
melt the butter in a pan with chocolate and sugar, cool down to room temperature
add eggs, one at time, mix until the batter looks even
add flour with baking sugar and pinch of salt, quickly combine with spatula
line a 22cm pan with parchment, pour the batter
put cherries in a bowl and sprinkle the cherries with 2-3 tbsp flour and delicately toss the bowl to cover the cherries evenly (it prevents the cake from getting too wet and the fruit does not fall to the bottom)
gently put the cherries on top of the batter and push into it a bit
bake for about 45min in 180C – the sides should be baked, with toothpick coming out clean, but the middle should still be moist and uncooked
serve immediately or cooled, with some ice cream or whipped cream


  1. Your pictures are soo beautiful. I love how the cherries stick out of the chocolate dough. Wonderful contrast!

    - Annika