low calorie summer treat

this is the lowest in calorie dessert that i have ever eaten, provided that you use favoutite sweetener. and for me, a meringue lover, it is more than perfect, and as simple as possible. 

a summer treat

(makes 2)
1 egg white (or 1 bantam egg white for 1 person)
2 heaping tsp sugar or sweetener, to taste
handful of berries (i prefer raspberries)

beat the egg white to soft peaks, then add the sugar or sweetener and beat until stiff
put alternating layers of meringue and fruit in a cup/glass and enjoy

important note!!
if you are using sugar, the meringue will be glossy and stiff and it should stay that way for some time without much change. if you are using sweetener though (unless it is one that is supposed to be exactly like sugar, but i have never used those, so i cannot give any advice) you want to eat the dessert straight after preparing, because after some time (10-15 minutes) it starts to be runny and foamy and loses the texture. if you eat it quickly, there should be no problems, although it will be less stiff and kind of ‘breaking’ in structure, so do not get discouraged, it is perfectly good to eat : )


  1. I love how simple yet delicious this sounds. I can practically taste it already. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the ones we tend to glance over, and it's good to put a spotlight on them, like you did here. A sweet but healthy treat is always good in my book!