middle week dinner

white pizza  
pizza dough
500 g flour (i used all-purpose that i had at hand, bread flour would be perfect)
350 ml lukewarm water
5 g dried yeast
½ tsp salt
½ tsp sugar
1 tbsp olive oil

in a bowl mix flour and salt
in a small bowl mix water, yest, sugar and olive oil, wait a few moments until the yeast dissolves and pour into the flour mixture
rub with your hands until the dough comes together, transfer to lightly floured surface and knead for about 5 minutes – the dough should be shiny and springy
leave to proof – usually take 1 to 1,5 hrs, until it more or less doubles in size
knock the dough and let rise for another 30 min to 1 hrs
knock again and roll – this amount makes 8 mini pizzas or 2 big ones, with thin crust
for best effect let the rolled pizza dough rest for some more time, about 30 min

caramelized onion
grated cheese: i used brie, bursztyn (polish cheese, similar to mild cheddar) and goat’s feta

cover the pizzas with toppings and bake in 250C (or as high as your oven allows) for 5-7 min, until the edges are golden brown and the cheese is melted

light lettuce & raspberry salad

romaine lettuce
parmesan / pecorino (grated)
balsamic vinegar
pomegranate dressing (or molasses)
salt, pepper

mix all ingredients in quantities to your liking and need, serve immediately


  1. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    The pizzas look amazing! All that cheese...

  2. Oh wow. That salad. I wish I could wear that as jewelry.

    1. thank you, it is the sweetest thing i have ever heard : )

  3. The combination is beyond amazing! I love the simplicity the white pizza is offering. And the mix of colors in this salad almost spells out Christmas in summer, so festive!
    Can't wait to try!
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  4. I have made this pizza a few times and it is delicious .... Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Hello, can you share how you make the toping (caramelized onion) ? It looks yummy..

    1. You have to slice a few onions quite thin (depends on how much of the topping you want to get, the onions lose a lot of volume during cooking) and cover them with oil - I always use olive oil - add a pinch of salt and cook on lowest heat forf you hours, until golden brown colour. It's quiet time consuming, but definitely worth it! :)

    2. I use olive oil too. I didn't understand how much time you cook them, but I will definitely try this :) Thank you!