berry cheesecake

berry cheesecake recipe

(makes 24cm/10”cake)

shortcake bottom
200 g flour
100 cold butter
1 tsbp powdered sugar
1 egg yolk

add cubed butter to flour mixed with sugar and rub with your fingers until crumbly
add egg yolk and when the dough comes together quickly form a ball
refrigerate for at least 1 hour (for more brittle texture)
pre-bake for 10 min in 180C

900 g quark cheese
220 g sugar
5 eggs
4 tsbp flour
juice of half lemon
400 g berries (bilberries)

blend the berries until quote smooth
mix cheese with sugar, then add eggs one at time (for the best airiness)
add flour and lemon, and at the end berries and mix
line the sides of the pan with cling film or aluminum foil
pour over the pre-baked base
bake for 50min-1h in 180C, with two small ramekins filled with water in the oven to prevent from getting too dry
cool completely before serving, best chill overnight

optional: icing
200 ml double cream /crème fraîche
70 g powdered sugar (more or less, to taste)
splash of vanilla essence

pour the icing 10 minutes before the end of baking and proceed the same way as above