prosecco cream cake (GF)
duck egg coffee cake with pear
strawberry & cream birthday cake
cream 8th birthday cake
summer cream cakes
peach cream cake
coffee birthday cake
chocolate & coffee birthday cake
chocolate cake with cottage cheese frosting
chocolate cake with dulce de leche frosting
banana cinnamon rolls (DF)
fig compote charlotte
rhubarb crumble (DF)
raspberry crumb bars (DF)
blueberry crumb bars (DF)
new york style cheesecake (GF*)
berry cheesecake
matcha japanese cheesecake
blueberry syrup cake
brownie with sour cherries
moist chewy brownies
vanilla cupcakes with raspberry buttercream
carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
rose cupcakes with mint buttercream
layer cake with chocolate mousse and raspberries (GF)
layer cake with coffee buttercream
spelt chai tea cake with chai tea buttercream
buckwheat apple cake (GF) (DF)
chocolate layer cake (GF)
chocolate pizza
praga cake
chocolate sponge cake with rose buttercream
no bake mini layer torte
easy chocolate cake with vanilla frosting
chocolate egg white cake (GF*)
simple brownie
karpatka - cream cake
blueberry muffins (GF*) (DF*)
matcha roll cake

lembas bread
shortcake cookies with cardamom buttercream
meringues (GF) (DF)
chocolate-dipped mini meringues (GF)
coconut macaroons (GF) (DF)
seven layer cookies
easy chewy & crunchy cookies with cornflakes and coconut
pierniczki - gingerbread cookies (DF)
simple but fancy baked donuts
chocolate baked donuts, 3 variations
dulce de leche puffed rice donuts with raspberry glaze (GF)
lemon madeleines (DF)
matcha madeleines (DF)
rose madeleines (DF)
homemade pop tarts
oat flour chocolate chip cookies (GF)(DF*)
chocolate chunk chewy cookies
matcha white chocolate cookies (GF*)

easter pascha (GF)
elderflower ice cream (GF)
dulce de leche ice cream  (GF)
acacia ice cream (GF)
vanilla ice cream (GF)
cheesecake ice cream with peach & passionfruit swirl (GF)
double frozen meringue (GF) (DF)
chocolate fake ice cream (GF)
polish-style french toast
orange french toast 
summer berries & meringue treat (GF)
chocolate fudge
white chocolate fudge (GF)
panna cotta with peach mousse (GF)
orange and white chocolate cups (GF)
chocolate salami (GF)
milk powder matcha cubes (GF)

asparagus scrambled eggs
spring vege sandwich
butterfly smoked fish sandwich
gourmet sandwich
simplest cheering sandwich
blueberry yogurt pancakes
matcha crepes with dulce de leche and blueberries
cocoa pancakes
sponge cake pancakes (DF)
simple & healthy breakfast couscous

white pizza with caramelized onion and 3 cheeses
mushroom burgers
mini anchovy&parsley burgers
red lentil patty burgers
mac & cheese with green salad

asian-style chicken ramen soup

thyme chanterelle
summer lettuce and raspberry salad

summer milkshake
refreshing cola drink
cream egg

swiss meringue buttercream
homemade sugar icing flowers
caramel sauce

for cakes / desserts:
*GF stands for gluten free. please make sure you are using gluten free baking powder!
*DF stands for recipes that are or can be made dairy free by using substitutes: regular milk can be substituted with soy / oat / rice / almond and butter with margarine (only for cake batter - doesn't well with frosting - changes the flavour too much)